713 CEG Presents - Prom Girls Rock!
713 CEG Presents - Prom Girls Rock!

Our Vision

713 Community Empowerment Group envisions a world where high school girls are exposed to endless opportunities that add to the richness of their lives.


Through social outreach and community involvement Prom Girls Rock! provides profound learning experiences through classroom instruction, and seminars.


- These experiences show them to unlimited challenges and opportunities, the likes of which they would never have been exposed to were it not for the programs offered through Prom Girls Rock! 


- Our organization encourages and draws on self-awareness and the application of practical insights and practices that are necessary for thriving and surviving in a rapidly changing and diverse world. 


- We seek to identify and apply the best strategies for encouraging young women to make the best choices in life and promote ongoing personal growth and development as a life long value.


Our goal is to make High School girls prom and college dreams come true.

Welcome to     Prom Girls Rock!

Prom Girls Rock!

(A Division of 713 Community Empowerment Group)


Please call us at:

312 554-5160 312 554-5160 or fill out our Contact Us form.


Prom Girls Rock!

332 S. Michigan Avenue, Suite 1032/C192

Chicago, 60604

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